Sunday, 25 January 2015

Newsletter Templates Resources

Free Newsletter Templates Cake Mail has some excellent free newsletter templates which are organized conveniently by category or niche.  Whether you re publishing an email newsletter in the Business, Restaurant or Education industry, or looking for a Seasonal, Tech or Transactional theme, there s something for you in this collection. Use A Newsletter Template To Publish The Perfect Ezine A short tutorial on how to leverage newsletter templates to quickly and easily design email that appears elegant and professional across a range of devices and email clients.  A great supplement to the other resources featuring collections of free templates you can download and customize for your ezine. 10 Free Newsletter Templates for Your Design Work An excellent hand-picked collection of 10 free newsletter templates suitable for most kinds of e-publications.  Screenshots of the templates make it easy for you to see what each one looks like and if you find one that you like, it s just another cli

Friday, 23 January 2015

Email Marketing Best Practices

5 Email Marketing Best Practices to Double Your Response Rates and Profits Interesting report by Jeremy Reeves exploring some ways to boost email marketing response and generate higher revenue from email campaigns.  (I especially liked #3).  All of these methods are sure to deliver a boost to any email marketing plan. Email Services Secret Email marketing best practices dictate that you do some things even when they seem counter-intuitive if you find that they deliver improved results.  This report lists 4 apparently radical changes to make to your email marketing.  But if you try them out, you may just be surprised at how effectively they work. 10 Best Practices for Local Business Email Marketing Danielle Legler lists 10 helpful tips for getting the most from your email marketing in 2015 and beyond.  Most of them are simple tweaks that you can make to your email newsletters and campaigns right away and start enjoying the benefits from. 25 Email Design Best Practices for Publishe

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Amazing Potential of Free Email Marketing

Free email marketing is the most powerful way to promote your e-business. But what if you don t have a product or service to market through your ezine? Well, you can do one of two things: - Create a business and use your ezine to market it. - Or simply sell SOMEONE ELSE S product to your ezine readers! Whatever you choose, I ll show you the powerful insider tricks and strategies to exploit your ezine s potential to generate a continuous stream of profits month after month, year after year. Automatically, without any extra effort. FREE EMAIL MARKETING THE FUTURE-PROOF ONLINE MARKETING STANDARD The online advertising industry is maturing. During the expanding bubble phase of Internet business, the vast majority of clueless dot-coms threw millions of dollars at ineffective advertising. They queued up to experiment with the latest fad, not bothering about results or expense. The result A disappointing return from marketing dollars. Online advertising got a bad name. Businesses reined in t

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Use Email Marketing Software For Maximum Impact

Email marketing software can help you get more subscribers for your ezine by simplifying how you set up a SIGN-UP form on your website. Obviously, this method applies only when you have a website and email marketing software such as an autoresponder service like Aweber. But if you don t have one yet, you should think of setting one up soon. Why should I use email marketing software to put a sign-up form on my website? Your website provides information. This information might include details of a product or service you sell. It might be about you, your qualifications, your experience, your business and so on. It might be general stuff about your niche mine, for instance, is all about turning words into wealth. Sign up forms open up communication channels with visitors to your website. Surfers who find your website are presumably interested in the information that your site provides. But once they browse through your website, and get (or fail to find) the information they are looking fo

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Email Newsletter

Dissection of a Bloody Good Email Newsletter Colleen s excellent and exhaustive analysis of what makes a good email newsletter casts the spotlight on specific elements of an ezine which you can tweak and improve for better readership and higher responsivity. Use a Newsletter Template to Publish the Perfect Ezine No longer can ezine publishers simply wing it when it comes to putting out their e-newsletters. Using a template can be an easy way to consistently create a high quality email newsletter. This guide will help set up one for your ezine. How To Create & Send an Email Newsletter for Free In this detailed article, Mustaza Mustafa goes into great detail about how to design an email newsletter template, load it with helpful content and distribute it to your subscribers all for free. How To Create an E-Newsletter & Email Campaign Chris Singleton s report breaks down a complex sequence of activities into easily understood steps, explaining why and how each one matters in publishing a

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Lead Generation

25 Top Lead Generation Tips Heidi Cohen got 24 other experts to share their most valuable tip about lead generation and compiled this amazing resource.  A must-read for everyone serious about lead generation. 63 Lead Generation Strategies An exhaustive collection of several excellent ideas and techniques to build your list and attract more leads to your business.  Even if all of them won t work for you, there are at least a few that will.  Check it out. 4 Tips to Create a Solid Lead Generation Strategy Alicia Lawrence talks about 4 things you can do to bring in fresh leads on a regular basis.  A strategic guide, this will help you future proof your business against marketing slumps. 25 Tips: Email Lead Generation from Social Media Krista Bunskoek offers some fantastic ideas to leverage social media to grow your email list and generate leads from your online schmoozing, be it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or some other network. 32 Clever Lead Generation Ideas For Your Next Market

Sunday, 11 January 2015

The Secret To Keeping Your Mailing Lists Responsive

A fascinating article everyone who owns mailing lists should read is 1,000 True Fans . It s about how anyone can have a thriving business that meets all their needs if only they had 1,000 true fans! In my course on email list building and marketing, I group subscribers into 5 categories and teach the importance of focusing attention on a very special segment of your mailing lists your MOST RESPONSIVE subscribers. Your most responsive subscribers are the people who READ what you send them. Who take ACTION on whatever you suggest, be it clicking on a link to visit a website, download a PDF or watch a video. Who BUY on your recommendation. These are the rare fans on your mailing lists who will talk to others about you, spread your message and story far and wide, and keep your business growing constantly without you having to do anything except provide great value. And the importance of taking GREAT care of this passionately loyal section of your mailing lists (which is rarely bigger than

Friday, 9 January 2015

Email Marketing Services: 3 Winning Strategies

How do you go about getting the highest value out of your email marketing services and launching your own ezine? Briefly I ll explain the entire process of starting an ezine. It can be conveniently grouped into three stages: 1. Planning 2. Designing 3. Distribution YOUR BLUEPRINT TO EZINE SUCCESS The first stage in formulating an email marketing services strategy is conceptual where you, as ezine editor, chalk out your ezine strategy. Several things need to be thought through. Most important among them are deciding upon the topic of your ezine, the frequency of publication, the targets you are hope to achieve, your revenue generating plans, budget allocations, selecting a suitable name, marketing and promotion strategies and in some cases the exit strategy. DEVELOPING A FOUNDATION TO EXPLOSIVE GROWTH The second stage in your email marketing services plan is concerned with laying out a scaffold upon which you will build your ezine. Creating a newsletter template for your ezine, prepari

Why Procrastinators Should Eat Chocolate

(This is a part of the I Waste So Much Time series of posts designed to add to your personal power and productivity.) Procrastinators can benefit from eating chocolate. At least, that s what the scientific research indicates! Hard to believe? Read on and you ll learn an interesting (and fun) way to beat procrastination and get things done. Rewards help you build habits. Habits let you do things automatically, without thinking too much before you get started. Once you begin a task, it s easier to finish it. In this way, you ll stop procrastinating and achieve more. What makes for a good reward? Chocolate! Yes, really. Many procrastinators love to eat chocolate. Turning that craving for chocolate into the basis for forming good habits and establishing powerful rituals is a great approach to beat procrastination. Bad habits are easy to acquire. That s because they offer you some immediate reward. So if you reward yourself for acquiring a good habit, it will become a powerful reinforcemen

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Use A Newsletter Template To Publish The Perfect Ezine

Ezine marketing has come of age. Beyond argument and controversy today, an ezine is accepted to be the most effective online marketing tool, one with the highest return on investment. In simple terms, ezine marketing gives the biggest bang for your buck. And a newsletter template gives you an edge when deploying this tool in your marketing. Ezine publishing is fairly straightforward. There are many tools and services that help you get started quickly with very little effort or expense. A newsletter template will help you create a attractive ezine. Article directories and freelance writing services will provide you with content. Email services providers can find you subscribers and even sell advertising space for you. Not surprisingly, several hundred ezines are being launched every day. Anyone can do it and many people do. Therein lies the problem. Not all these ezines will be marketing successes. Because too many ezines that are published today are worthless or look as if they were a

Email Services Secret: Delete Unresponsive Email Lists

I m midway through the process of deleting over 3,500 subscribers from my email services provider database, and paused to share some thoughts about WHY I m doing this. 1. They May Buy Sometime is a myth We ve all heard it. A silent subscriber turns into a multi-thousand dollar spender after years of receiving your valuable content and insight by being on your email list. And if you ve been running email lists for long, you ll know it is a myth. One where exceptions prove the rule.  If that s your only rationale for keeping email addresses on your database, you re probably paying more for email services you won t profit much from. 2. Move the free line is a joke There is solid rationale behind giving away great content through your email list to convince hesitant prospects about your skill, experience, knowledge and expertise. To brand you as an authority. But there s a limit. Most subscribers know enough after getting some solid value from you. Beyond that, more free stuff doesn t ma

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Stop Procrastinating And See Yourself Differently

(This is a part of the I Waste So Much Time series of posts designed to add to your personal power and productivity.) Habits get you to act automatically without procrastinating. Rituals are powerful in making starting a habit. So rituals are extremely powerful in helping you stop procrastinating. But what kind of rituals work best? Some habits are more effective than others and have a deeper impact on your life. These are habits that set off a chain reaction one positive change serves as the impetus for the next one, and on and on. Take exercise, for example. Once you start exercising regularly, you become aware of other aspects of healthy living. You begin to eat healthy food, feel good about your appearance, quit unhealthy habits like smoking, and even stop wasting money on indulgences! An interesting side effect of exercise is also that you stop procrastinating! These super habits have dramatic effect on your life and productivity. But what about them makes this difference? It s s

Monday, 5 January 2015

Overcome Procrastination Easily

(This is a part of the I Waste So Much Time series of posts designed to add to your personal power and productivity.) Habits help you act automatically, instead of consciously thinking things over and deciding whether or not to do them. How can you turn that into an advantage and overcome procrastination easily? Getting started is usually the hardest part of any new project or task. And it is by getting started promptly that the war on procrastination is won. Think about how many times you held off on beginning a project because you thought it was going to be hard work, or that you didn t have enough resources or skills to get it done, or weren t sure if you were the right person to do it and then, once you got started, it wasn t really that bad after all. Finishing a task is only half as difficult as starting one which is why the adage Well begun is half done makes perfect sense. So here s how to leverage that power into turning habits into an effective procrastination beating strate

Sunday, 4 January 2015

How To Stop Procrastinating

(This is a part of the I Waste So Much Time series of posts designed to add to your personal power and productivity.) Procrastination is a universal curse. Everyone suffers from it. You do. And so do I. We postpone things to a tomorrow that never comes and then regret our choice when we don t meet deadlines, miss opportunities and suffer stress. Waiting, postponing and putting things off only maes you feel inefficient, frustrated and stupid. So let s talk about how to get rid of those bad feelings and overcome procrastination for good. In this mini-series of posts about how to beat procrastination, you ll learn: why standard procrastination cures seldom work how habits and personal rituals can beat procrastination what makes some habits more powerful than others how doing fun stuff (like eating chocolate) can help with procrastination Technique #1 for how to stop procrastinating is simple: Forget About Willpower. Build Habits. Many procrastinators worry that they lack willpower. You t