Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Stop Procrastinating And See Yourself Differently

(This is a part of the I Waste So Much Time series of posts designed to add to your personal power and productivity.) Habits get you to act automatically without procrastinating. Rituals are powerful in making starting a habit. So rituals are extremely powerful in helping you stop procrastinating. But what kind of rituals work best? Some habits are more effective than others and have a deeper impact on your life. These are habits that set off a chain reaction one positive change serves as the impetus for the next one, and on and on. Take exercise, for example. Once you start exercising regularly, you become aware of other aspects of healthy living. You begin to eat healthy food, feel good about your appearance, quit unhealthy habits like smoking, and even stop wasting money on indulgences! An interesting side effect of exercise is also that you stop procrastinating! These super habits have dramatic effect on your life and productivity. But what about them makes this difference? It s s

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