Monday, 17 November 2014

Freelance Writing Jobs – The Easy Way To Make A Fortune

Other articles on the InfoProfitz blog at Info Profitz can help you turn words into wealth through email marketing, blogging and self publishing. Freelance writing jobs are a very attractive business model for infopreneurs. While it does require some effort to get started and attracting your first clients, it is easy to sustain your business for as long as you enjoy writing. Online freelance writing jobs can be very lucrative. I have written short articles and been paid $10 to $25 for work that took me around 30 minutes. I have also authored longer reports of 3,000 words, and been paid $500 for it. As long as you are willing and able to do careful research and compile your articles in an attractive, unique and valuable way, you can survive and thrive on online freelance jobs as a writer. But if you want to take this up a notch and make a fortune from your online freelance writing job, then you must follow a strategy. Build a Brand Top columnists, authors and talk show hosts have worke

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