Sunday, 30 November 2014

How To Write A Book Review That Makes Sales

Other articles on the InfoProfitz blog at Info Profitz can help you turn words into wealth through email marketing, blogging and self publishing. How to write a book review that brings in more sales? A great review can sell books and ebooks by the dozen even hundreds of copies. As a society rushed for time, we rely heavily on social proof to decide upon things to do, buy, visit, eat, enjoy. Ebook reviews help hesitant prospects who are intrigued by a book or title in making a buying decision. But there s an art about how to write a book review in a way that sells more ebooks. If a book review sounds too much like a pitch , you ll turn readers off. It s easier than one might think to spot a pitch or promotion that masquerades as an impartial book review. Before deciding about how to write a book review that sells ebooks, take a moment to think over these points. Be Honest If you tell a lie in your book review, it will come back to bite you! Even if you know how to write a book review t

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