Thursday, 20 November 2014

Why Should You Start A Blog?

Other articles on the InfoProfitz blog at Info Profitz can help you turn words into wealth through email marketing, blogging and self publishing. So you want to start a blog.  In this continuing series on how Pam learns to be an infopreneur, we ll look at the reasons to start blogging and the method to do this effectively. Backstory: Pam, a newbie to blogging, wants to learn content marketing. She runs into a guru at a party, and convinces him to teach her about blogging. This article is about her next step in this exciting voyage of discovery and learning Whew! said Pam. And here I was planning to run home and set up an automated blog by this evening! It looks as if I have my work cut out for me for the next couple of weeks. Her face looked a bit troubled. She turned to me, and asked: Should I really start a blog? I mean, this sounds like so much hard work! Now I m not even sure if I have any business creating a blog. Pam, if I thought it wasn t worth the trouble to start a blog, do

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