Sunday, 28 December 2014

Copy Writing Tips You Can Take To The Bank

What if you knew secret writing tips? What if you could use them to open locked doors in your prospect s mind, get them to loosen the purse-strings, practically hypnotize them into handing you cash? There really are such secret copy writing tips. And they are often so obvious, many copywriters forget about them. Or ignore them. Or do not pay enough attention to them. No, it s not having great bonuses. No, it s not crafting the world s best headline. No, it s not loading the sales letter with testimonials. Instead of telling it to you straight out, let me share a little story. Rolex Watches and Web Copy Writing Tips Many years ago, there was an ad in magazines for a Rolex watch. In great detail, the ad explained what went on beneath the dial with beautiful pictures showing dozens of interlocking ratchets, with wheels within wheels. Each tiny, perfectly hand-crafted element was responsible for a critical function. They all integrated perfectly, worked in synchronicity, co-ordinated wond

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