Saturday, 27 December 2014

How To Write A Story

How to write a story? A story like one about FRED, the flat-headed flea It isn t that hard to learn how to write a story that captures a reader s interest and retains it. Just be interesting and have a message. Let s see how this story stacks up Fred was a flea. He lived inside a bottle. As a youngster, he was very eager to get out and see the world. He wanted to jump out of the bottle. So he tried to do it. At first, he couldn t jump very high. With practice and effort, he got better and was able to almost jump out. But the bottle had a cap! Each time he made an extra-powerful attempt, Fred would hit his head against it and fall back down. Jump BAM Fall OUCH! Over and over again. It hurt. And after it happened about twenty times, Fred sat down to think. He passed his hand gingerly over his head, and felt it. It Was FLAT! (That s how to write a story move from start to the first message ) Fred was shocked. What was he doing to himself? His head had changed SHAPE from the battering! Th

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